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Business Economics by Dr. Tony Villamil is a personal brand website, blog, and economic knowledge store of Dr. Tony Villamil showcasing his published works, talks, lectures, & podcasts.

Welcome to Business Economics with Dr. Villamil!

Here at Business Economics (BE), Tony provides expert content on economics and how it can be used to transform your business. Listen in to our weekly podcast called Business Economics with Dr. Tony Villamil or check out the Economic Knowledge Store for books published by Dr. Villamil. 
Our mission at BE is to provide economic knowledge so that businesses can successfully grow & manage their companies to profitability in today's volatile economic environment. We provide weekly commentary focusing on Florida, the United States, and the Global marketplace to give you the ultimate economic edge. 
Dr. Tony Villamil is a former Undersecretary of Commerce to President George H. W. Bush and a thought leader on economics, economic policy, economics for businesses, country risk assessments & analysis, and economic impact studies.  Let us know if you have any questions or would like Tony to speak at your organization.


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