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Ep. 10 - Business Economics with Dr. Tony Villamil

In this episode, Dr. Tony Villamil first comments on the current volatility in the marketplace due to geopolitical threats & health threats such as Ebola. Also, Tony discusses the current economic outlook for the United States and goes into the recent employment numbers for Florida. Lastly, Tony introduces his Business Barometer report from WEG ( to give businesses insight & knowledge to better make business decisions. Thanks for tuning in to our 10th episode! 

Business Economics is a weekly podcast designed to prime your business for growth and expansion. Every week, Dr. Tony Villamil, Former Undersecretary of Commerce, dives deep into the economic data circulating the news wire and gives you expert analysis and commentary and helps you understand what it means for your business and why is it important. Tune in every week to have the ultimate Business Economic Edge! Make sure to follow Tony on twitter @TonyVillamil and visit us at for more information.

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